Sorry, Caris

Sorry, Caris.  But I’m of the same opinion.  You’re free to go ice skating if you like.

Mukund (Ames, IA)

What do you think about the Winter Olympics in regard to the fact that all of the sports are incredibly specialized and open to a select few people who happen to have access to say, a bobsled track?

Bill Simmons

My only question with the Winter Olympics is why parents would choose to push their kids to be an Olympian in the first place. For instance, my daughter loves ice skating and she’d be great at it. But why the hell would I want to wake up at 5AM for the next 10 years so she could skate, and why would I want that life for her? Hey, here’s your upside – there’s a 0.000000000002 percent chance you might win a medal. That just seems insane to me. I’d rather my daughter was doing more important things, like watching Max and Ruby.