My 1st Trolley Ride

The city of Monrovia (the city right next to us) has this free trolley that goes through its Old Town district.  Caleb (and Caris) got their first trolley ride.

I parked, and we walked to the trolley stop.  There we waited.



And waited…



And waited…



Oh, and waited…



The trolley is supposed to come about every 15 minutes.  When it finally came (30+ minutes later), we found out that only 1 trolley was running for that afternoon.  Caleb was a trooper with all that waiting.  I pointed out every bus, van, & construction vehicle on the road.  We watched birds and airplanes.  We watched ants march underneath the bus bench.  Oh, and Caris was a trooper too.  She slept the whole time on me in the baby carrier.


Caleb loved the trolley ride.  He pointed at things and yelled out their names.  He impressed the trolley driver with his vocabulary.  I was impressed with the trolley driver for understanding Caleb.

100 101