Stickers can stick really well

I’ve learned something new.  Some stickers, when they get wet after being applied to Caleb’s shins, stick extra well to his skin.  So well that they don’t come off for a couple of days even with soap and scrubbing.  The top layer with the design comes off easily, but the gooey sticky part doesn’t.  And this mommy is not going to resort to rubbing alcohol or any other type of strong cleaner on my son’s skin.  I guess I could have gone to the pharmacy and picked up some adhesive remover.  Not enough motivation to do so.  Knew the stickers would come off sooner or later.  🙂



Caleb is in bed.  He should be asleep, but instead, I’m hearing this boy reciting letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds.  I can’t get mad.  His head is just full of letters.  I’m amazed at how God has made children’s brains into sponges.  They learn so much so quickly. 

I thought Caleb was too young to learn his alphabet and numbers.  Then I heard a neighbor mom talking about this DVD called the Letter Factory that taught her 3.5 year old all his letters and the sounds that go with the letters.  The next week, our friend Belinda came to visit and told me she had been using the DVD on her son.  So, we got the DVD.  I showed it to Caleb the day after his birthday party.  In 5 or 6 days, Caleb could say the whole alphabet and the their sounds.  I was amazed.  Every where we go, he notices letters. 


Bathtub Fun

Caleb loves water… in his baths, in a pool, in the ocean… or even in the kitty bowls (if mommy doesn’t move them away in time).  Here’s one cute video of him having some bathtub splash fun.