Puke Away

blackberries, strawberries, spaghetti, hot dogs, rice krispies, and mango cake

Some of you may be disgusted by the picture above.  I apologize, but this is the reality that we have been dealing with the past few days.  That picture above was the start of everything.  After showing no signs of being sick that day, Caris decides to upchuck her dinner right after we walk in the door.  She had begun crying at the end of the car ride, so Yvonne was holding her, and I was holding Chloe in front of her. All of the sudden we hear her gag, and then *blurp*.

The sight was not pleasant to say the least.  At least we know why she was crying.  Yvonne bent her over as she started to puke, and put her down on her feet to grab some towels.  A few seconds later, she proceeds to throw up a little more.  I ask Caris if she’s okay, and she says “yeah.”  How do you spell relief?  V-O-M-I-T

Caris got sick Saturday night.  She’s been sick with the stomach flu all Sunday and Monday.


Yvonne has been careful in order to not transmit the stomach flu to the rest of the family.  We’ve used a good amount of chlorine bleach wipes.  And our hands are raw from washing them hundreds of times the past few days. The rest of the household had showed no signs of picking the stomach bug.  That was until 4am Tuesday night.

Caleb had been waking up a few times during the night complaining about his stomach hurting.  He didn’t have to go poop, so there was nothing I could really do.  After Chloe was fed at 4 in the morning, I went to go help her back to sleep. Caleb woke up screaming at about the same time.  That’s when he decided to puke twice, apparently on my side of the bed.


Thank God for Yvonne’s motherly instincts and lightning quick reflexes, she was able to catch all that puke in the bucket.  Whereas Daddy says, “I can’t do anything for you, Caleb. Go back to sleep,” Mommy says, “something’s not right.”  Good thing Mommy was there to catch the puke.  I would have been sleeping.

We’re praying Chloe doesn’t get this.  Baby puking and crying is not a fun thing to watch.  Praying that we don’t get it either.  We don’t put toys in our mouth, so that should at least help us.

We’re Back Home!

Last Saturday (despite delayed flights, a 5-hour wait in Atlanta, and a last minute change in our destination airport), we arrived at our resort in Williamsburg, VA in the wee hours of the night. 


7 days later…

after enjoying Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg…

swimming nearly every day…

Caleb dealing with an incessant chesty cough (bad Virginia allergies?)…

Caris catching roseola…

Mommy (with Caris strapped on her chest) slipping on water in the Philadelphia airport…

Running through the Philadelphia airport barely making our transfer to L.A…

Arriving in LAX one suitcase short…

Coming home to cats that appeared to have never left our 100 degree bedroom (how much fur can 2 cats shed in a week?… a lot!)…


Yes, we are home.  Pictures and vacation stories to come if we have time.

HFMD (con’t)

So, we’re better today.  I was a bit worried about Caris last night.  She was hungry, but cried every time she tried to latch on to nurse.  Her mouth was hurting from all her sores.  She kept crying throughout the night, but Chris did a great job calming her down.  When morning came, Caris finally had a pretty good feeding… then a wet diaper.  Yay!  She fed again 2 hours later before she saw the doctor.  She has at least 10 sores on her throat and heaps of them on her tongue.  Poor Caris. 

IMG_4037 (Chris finally getting a chance to sleep.)


I saw the doctor today too.  It’s my first time seeing a doctor for “sick” reasons in years.  I’ve never met my doctor on this insurance, and I need updated lab work done anyways.  She looked in my mouth and was amazed at how many sores I had.  She noted that I must have at least 50-60 lesions in my mouth and throat.  This definitely hurts.  So far, cheese and almond milk are friends of this lesion-ridden mouth.  Hee-hee, I have lesions elsewhere too…. palms of my hands, the soles of my feet, etc. 


(OK, so we couldn’t really get a good picture of these strange sores.  Oh well.  This is really not a very flattering picture.  Another oh well.)


Caleb’s doing better.  Still has mouth/throat sores, but able to eat & drink.  But, big brother is jealous of baby sister Caris getting so much attention now.  He does not like watching mommy try to nurse her so frequently…. or daddy holding her so much trying to soothe her.  *sigh*

So far, Chris is doing well.  Praise God.  Pray for him to figure out how to get all his work done in a timely manner.  He had to stay home to help me today.  We leave for General Council in 5 days.  Chris has deadlines at work he has to complete before we go.  Hard for him to keep up with work when he has to take care of the 3 of us.

Thanks for praying for us!

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

So, Chris is holding Caris… otherwise, he’d be writing this post.  Caleb, Caris, & I are sick.  With what?  A cold? The flu?  Caught a stomach bug again?  No, those are just too mundane for us.  We’ve been there, done that in the past 2 months.  We have hand-foot-mouth disease.  Chris told me to make sure I put a link to wikipedia on this since most people aren’t familiar with HFMD.


5/8 – Mommy celebrated her mother’s day gift and really enjoyed it after having a week of being healthy and having healthy children.

5/9 – Spent the day with Yvonne’s sister (Sandra) and her family (hubby Kevin, daughter Eileen) who were visiting from Panama for a few days.  Had mother’s day dinner with Chris’ family in the evening.

5/10 – 5/12 – Normal activities.

5/13 – Wednesday, Caleb woke up crying/whining.  He had a fever of 101.9.  By mid-day his fever was 103.8 despite being given his max dose of Tylenol every 4 hours.  Mommy brought out the Motrin.  His fever went down to 102.7, and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the day despite Caleb’s tylenol and motrin dosages, being stripped nearly naked, and getting a tepid bath .  Caleb was a fuss-bucket.  He wanted to be held ALL the time.  He had a 33-minute nap (compared to his normal 2 hour nap).  No food for Caleb on Wednesday. 

5/14 – Woke up early at 2AM, but went back to sleep before mommy got to the room to give him more tylenol.  Woke up right before 6AM, complaining of being “hot.”  102+ fever again.  *sigh*  Tylenol and motrin regimen again.  Still not much food being eaten.  And now, Caleb keeps saying “Ow!!!” and holding his mouth.  Mommy looks inside.  Oh, Caleb bit his cheek.  She tells Caleb, “Ouch, that must have hurt… it’ll get better soon.”  He keeps saying Ow the whole day whenever he eats or drinks.  Weird.  I look again and see a cankersore (vesicular lesion) inside his bottom lip. This time I tell Caleb, “Ooh, ouchie.  mommy hates cankersores.  It’ll get better soon.  Just try to ignore it.”  Only a 35 minute nap.  This mommy is not getting any rest.

5/15 – Caleb wakes up at 6:30AM.  He’s in a good mood.  No more fever, but he keeps saying “Ow, urt mowt”  (aka, ouch, my mouth hurts).  “Caleb, just try to eat your food in the back of your mouth and swallow it so it doesn’t touch your cankersore.”  He keeps complaining all day and is pointing to different parts of his mouth by the end of the day.  This is strange, thinks Mommy to herself.  But Caleb won’t let her look in his mouth.  So mommy keeps the tylenol going to help with his mouth pain.  She puts him down to sleep early.  Caris goes down to bed early too.  Mommy’s not feeling good.  Daddy’s busy at church.  Mommy makes herself eat dinner since she’s nursing Caris (but she’s feeling malaise, weak, a little bit nauseous).  Mommy bakes brownies for the MOPS yard/bake sale fundraiser for the next day.  Mommy’s tired, get ready for bed… but wait, she’s starting to get a sore inside her cheek and bottom lip too.  What?!  What is this?  That’s when I realized this sickness probably wasn’t just any febrile illness.  Looked up mouth sores and febrile illness online – only 2 illnesses came up.  Hand foot mouth disease was one of them, but it’s not that common in dry weather… it’s a common tropical ailment.  3-7 days incubation.  Poopers – Sandra was just here with her family then and Eileen has had HFMD 3 times already.  It may not be this.  It probably isn’t.  What’s the chances? (so I’m thinking). Caleb fusses all night, sleeping very unsettled, standing/complaining.  He doesn’t seem to be feeling well still.  Keeps saying ow.  Daddy sleeps on the floor in his room all night to help settle/soothe Caleb.  Caris also starts fussing.  Mommy goes into her room and holds her, but Caris won’t let mommy put her down like she normally does (Caris sleeps 12-13 hours at night waking up only once to nurse after her first 7-8 hours of sleep).  Mommy has to hold her all night with her crying about every 1-2 hours.  and Mommy is feeling really sick and alternating between freezing and sweating all night. 

5/16 – Daddy is so tired from being with Caleb all night.  He falls asleep holding Caris in the morning after her rough night.  Mommy gets Caleb ready.  He eats breakfast.  Still complaining about his mouth.  Mommy cleans up the 11 spots of cat puke.  Stupid cat.  What did you eat?  Mommy is feeling so sick.  She’s crawling from one cat puke spot to another, unable to stand.  Chris gets downstairs and takes over.  I go up and rest.  My fever was only 101 something.  Not horrible.  My normal temp is 97.2.  By late morning (even with 1000mg Tylenol), my fever was 102.7.  So weak.  Must try to drink water to keep nursing baby Caris.  I slept almost the whole day.  I was supposed to help out at the MOPS yard sale, but I just couldn’t do it.  Poopers, I didn’t even get to drop off my brownies for their bake sale.  I called my parents and talked to Sandra (who I found out from that her daughter developed mouth lesions Tuesday night).  Sandra didn’t think much of it at the time, but now we realize that Eileen was probably carrying HFMD and nobody knew it).  HFMD is really common in Panama.  In the afternoon, I called Rocio for help cuz Chris was trying to take care of both kids and Caris was getting fever too and needing to be held all the time.  Rocio came over and played with Caleb and made dinner for us.  Chris enjoyed the dinner.  Chris stayed up all night with Caris who cried/screamed every 30 minutes to an hour.  Caleb slept pretty well!  yay!  Mommy slept all night except for when daddy brought Caris to her to feed.

5/17 – Mommy can walk again and use her limbs to pick up her children.  Still tired, weak, feeling sick… but somewhat functional now.  Awh man, mommy has oral sores all over… cheeks, lips, tongue, throat.  I’ll have to take a picture of my throat tomorrow if I remember.  It’s pretty gross.  Now I know why Caleb’s been complaining so much.  Poor Caleb.  And mommy kept telling him to eat his food in the back of his mouth.  The mouth pain got worse through the day for mommy.  Hurts to swallow, but at least I’m not pukey.  Eric brought us dinner.  By the end of the day, my mouth and throat felt like needles were pricking everywhere whenever any food or water passed through.  Ouch.  This hurts.  Oh my.  Don’t eat minestrone soup if you get HFMD.  It burns like acid.  Forget the pizza with pepperoni and tomatoes.  It’s goes down like accidentally swallowing a tiny knife.  Oh my goodness.  And you’d get a good laugh at my toothbrush dance.  It’s painfully funny.  Caris also must be feeling mouth pain.  We see lesions on her tongue and cheeks.  She’s hungry and tries to latch on to Mommy’s breast, but then cries and cries.  She’s cried all day.  Poor Caris.  Caris rarely cries.  Not like this.  She’s barely nursed all day and has only had 4 wet diapers. 


PRAY that Caris feeds OK tonight despite her mouth/throat pain… or the pediatrician says we need to take her in to urgent care/ER for rehydration since she hasn’t been eating/peeing well for over 24 hours.  Chris and I have been holding/walking/rocking/bouncing her all day.  She’s finally asleep in Chris’ arms.  Pray for quick healing…. no dehydration, fever, or pain. Pray for restful sleep for all of us.  Pray that Chris doesn’t get sick!!!

Time for bed for this tired mommy. 

Montezuma’s Revenge

Awh, I thought I had escaped the horrible virus that Caleb picked up last week that wreaked havoc on his intestines, leaving this mommy to wash 10+ loads of laundry in 3 days.  Monday, I couldn’t eat/drink.  I thought it passed cuz I felt so much better on Tuesday.  Felt so good that I enjoyed some Claim Jumpers that my dad bought when he visited.  Big mistake!  My tummy started hurting 3/4 way through the meal.  Then, Chris busts out cheesecake.  Of course, I have to eat some cheesecake too, right?  Argh.  In the middle of the night, the stomach and intestinal cramps started.  And, montezuma’s revenge has hit.  *Sigh*  Toilet and I are friends.  11 times so far since 6:17AM today.   Pray that Caris and Chris don’t pick up this yucky virus.  Pray that this mommy can keep up with 2 munchkins while trying to take care of herself too.

Oh, where did our health go?

Oh my goodness.  Our household has not been completely healthy in quite a while. Poor Caris is still trying to fight off this yucky cold.  This mommy hasn’t been able to fight it off herself yet, thus her little nursing baby girl is struggling a bit too.  Caris has got the cough/gag/hoarse throat that I’ve had.  Caleb was just getting better with his cold (still has the cough and slight congestion).  But now, Caleb has come down with gastroenteritis.  He caught some stomach bug from who knows where.  Last night, he started puking in his crib.  Actually, quite massive puking.  Chris saw him puke while he was watching Caleb in the monitor.  We cleaned him and the crib up.  In the morning, Caleb had puked in his crib again (not very massive though).  This morning, I gave him a light breakfast.  Everything came out…. everywhere.  And that was right after I changed his diaper/clothes from an explosive diarrheal poop that went up his back to his neck and down his legs.  Poor Caleb.

Please pray for Caris (and Chris and me)… that we don’t get this stomach virus.  Pray that health may once again be restored at the Wong household!

So Now What?

For those of you who don’t know, we didn’t find out what the sex of the baby was last Friday.  Just like Caleb, Caris/Carlos just didn’t want us to see between her/his legs.  So we’ll have to wait til 30 weeks to get another ultrasound to see if we can see the sex of the baby.  Yvonne was working at the hospital with Caleb so she could use her hookups to get an ultrasound every week until we found out Caleb was a boy.  Those hookups now are gone.  So we must wait.

So the next natural question is should we find what the sex of the baby is?  We’ll have to start getting the baby’s room ready soon.  So that means we’ll probably decorate it neutral colors.  After that, we don’t exactly need to know what the baby is.  It’s just that we hate surprises.  It would be fun see once the baby pops out with a penis or not.  I should record it.

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On another note, Caleb has a cold again.  Third time in 6 weeks that he’s sick.  Sigh.  He seems to be handling this cold better this time.  He still slept through the night last night.  The night before wasn’t so good, but it was much better than we expected considering he’s snorting and coughing throughout the night.

We’ve been slacking on the pictures. We haven’t taken much the past month, although he’s been learning so much.  I promise to put more up.  It’s coming!

Updates! Sick Again!

It’s been a while since Yvonne or I last posted.  But hopefully I can catch you all up for those who don’t see Caleb as often.

Caleb started sleeping through the night at 12 and a half months old.  It was great getting a full night’s rest every night.  And then after mommy’s birthday weekend, he got sick, and those sleepless nights were back again.  On August 12th, Caleb started getting a fever (around 101-102).  He was so hot we had to strip him.  We’ve never let our son watch so much TV in his life.


And it stayed that way for the next 4 days.  A few days later on Friday night, he was moaning and groaning and couldn’t settle himself to sleep.  He didn’t feel hot anymore, but felt cold.  Yvonne took his temperature and it was 96.5, which is much worse than having a fever if you didn’t know.

Yvonne called up the pediatrician and we were able to get his temperature up a little.  A few days in, we still didn’t know what he had since he had know other symptoms other than a high fever and general grumpiness/clingyness.  We went in to see the on-call pediatrician that Saturday.  She checked him out very briefly and diagnosed it as an ear infection.  And that was strange to us, since he had no other symptoms.  No cold.  No rubbing the ears.  No apparent ear pain at all.  But that’s what she said.  So she gave us a prescription for antibiotics.  We didn’t like this doctor by the way.

So that Saturday, I was in charge of taking care of him while Yvonne was off doing her servant auction team stuff.  His fever broke.  He no longer had a low temperature.  And his mood was much better since the previous day.  But we started him on antibiotics anyways.  Of course with antibiotics comes lots and lots of poop.



Later that night (or maybe the next day), we noticed on his body all these bumps on his body.  We thinking maybe he had an allergic reaction to something he ate or to the antibiotics.  But he didn’t seem to be itchy.  And he didn’t seem bother by it, which made it strange for us.  He just seemed normal, but with bumps all over his body.


Here comes the internet.  After a little research, we narrowed it down to roseola virus.  His symptoms matched up with the symptoms of someone with roseola virus.  High fever for a week, and then abrupt breaking of the fever, followed by bumps/rash.  We called the pediatrician again and scheduled another appointment with our normal pediatrician that Monday.  Yup.  It’s definitely roseola virus.

After a few days, he got less and less clingy.  And went back to sleep again!  Full night’s worth!  Yay!

Well…  That only lasted a week, cause yesterday he got himself a cold.  Last night, he was having a miserable time sleeping.  Kept waking up every hour or so.  And then Yvonne sucked the snot out of his with her mouth in the middle of the night to help him breathe.  Yes.  He’s got a cold.  Second illness in 2 weeks.  Sucks to be Caleb.  Sucks to be us going without sleep again.

It’s my turn to watch him tonight, so I’m up writing this.  He hasn’t been bad so far.  Only needed us once.  But it’s early.  And he’s making a lot of noise tonight.  Can’t be comfortable for him.

Go away sicknesses!

Pictures (Things Caleb likes):

He likes eating mommy’s birthday cake (which he’s not allowed to eat.  He’s allergic!)


He likes the circus


He likes mirrors


He likes pointing (at water fountains)


He likes pointing (at leaves)


He likes pointing (at birds)


He likes playing with stuff that he probably shouldn’t be playing with


He likes playing with stuff that he probably shouldn’t be playing with (but he doesn’t like getting stuck trying to play with them)


He likes reading books (by himself too)


He likes cars and trucks


He likes Cars


He likes playing with Tommy


He likes playing with Daddy


And he likes playing with Mommy


Sick Again

Poor Caleb has had his share of sickness & discomforts since being welcomed into this world.  His eczema started when he was only a few months old.  He has chronic nasal allergies (he’ll be seeing a pediatric allergist next month).  He caught croup when he was 5.5 months old.  He was sick for 3 weeks before going to Hawaii, finally needing to take antibiotics for a sinus & ear infection.  Then he caught a cold when he got back from Hawaii.  Then he had an unexpected allergic reaction to Beechnut rice cereal. 

A few days ago, he had a very unhappy tummy.  That was my first time seeing Caleb puke so much stuff at one time.  It looked like he threw up much more than he ate.  Poor thing.  Green avocado and stomach acid was dripping out of his nose and mouth.  It sprayed a 3-foot radius all over the carpet where he was sitting, hitting his dresser.  Then later in the afternoon, he puked blueberry oatmeal liquid all over the dining area tile.  This time I was more prepared.  I felt Caleb’s spasmic stomach while holding him and moved him quickly to the much more easy to clean tile.  He’s much better now.  Caleb’s just a little apprehensive of eating now, especially anything green.  Who can blame him?

Chris was sick too yesterday.  Really sick.  I haven’t seen him that miserable since before we were married when he got food poisoning from a smoothie he drank at work.  Hmm, stomach flu or food poisoning this time around?  I’m certainly hoping it was just food poisoning.  I’ve been feeling nauseous too, but I have such bad sympathy nausea that I think it’s just from seeing both of my cuties so sick.

Oh, I have a picture of Caleb’s second round of impressive puking.  But I figured there are many who would prefer not to see it.  so here’s a picture of caleb on one of his happier days.  yes, caleb loves to climb everything in his path, including me if i’m in his way.


Poopy Poop

So, Chris takes Caleb to our local grocery store here (Tamura’s) by himself.  He wants to give me some time to rest since I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday.  All we really need is some water, and maybe a little bit of something for lunch. 

I wake up from a nap wondering where my hubby and baby are.  I call them.  Chris starts laughing on the phone and tells me that Caleb had a poop explosion… a diarrhea one. Caleb has been having diarrhea since starting antibiotics last week (he had been sick for over 3 weeks).

Chris comes home carrying baby Caleb in only a diaper.  His purchases = diapers + baby food (peas and prunes).  Chris’ white Bucks t-shirt is spotted with brown liquid poop.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Chris forgot to take the diaper bag with him, so he had to buy diapers there.  He carried dripping poopy Caleb thru the supermarket to buy diapers.  He didn’t have the hands to carry a big jug of water, but he could hold peas and prunes baby food jars.  Hahaaa.  So, are we really going to be feeding prunes to Caleb after he’s just had a diarrhea explosion?  Hahaha.

Caleb came home with a big smile on his face.  He had fun with his daddy.

Awh, too bad I didn’t take any pictures of Caleb’s poopy clothes or Chris in his poopy shirt.  You’d be laughing too.  Here’s a cute pic of Caleb in his sunnies, hat, & New Zealand swimwear.