Sick Again

Poor Caleb has had his share of sickness & discomforts since being welcomed into this world.  His eczema started when he was only a few months old.  He has chronic nasal allergies (he’ll be seeing a pediatric allergist next month).  He caught croup when he was 5.5 months old.  He was sick for 3 weeks before going to Hawaii, finally needing to take antibiotics for a sinus & ear infection.  Then he caught a cold when he got back from Hawaii.  Then he had an unexpected allergic reaction to Beechnut rice cereal. 

A few days ago, he had a very unhappy tummy.  That was my first time seeing Caleb puke so much stuff at one time.  It looked like he threw up much more than he ate.  Poor thing.  Green avocado and stomach acid was dripping out of his nose and mouth.  It sprayed a 3-foot radius all over the carpet where he was sitting, hitting his dresser.  Then later in the afternoon, he puked blueberry oatmeal liquid all over the dining area tile.  This time I was more prepared.  I felt Caleb’s spasmic stomach while holding him and moved him quickly to the much more easy to clean tile.  He’s much better now.  Caleb’s just a little apprehensive of eating now, especially anything green.  Who can blame him?

Chris was sick too yesterday.  Really sick.  I haven’t seen him that miserable since before we were married when he got food poisoning from a smoothie he drank at work.  Hmm, stomach flu or food poisoning this time around?  I’m certainly hoping it was just food poisoning.  I’ve been feeling nauseous too, but I have such bad sympathy nausea that I think it’s just from seeing both of my cuties so sick.

Oh, I have a picture of Caleb’s second round of impressive puking.  But I figured there are many who would prefer not to see it.  so here’s a picture of caleb on one of his happier days.  yes, caleb loves to climb everything in his path, including me if i’m in his way.


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