More Caleb Adventures

I forgot to mention that Caleb has discovered the fun water in our toilets.  If you’ve been to our place recently, we have to keep all the bathroom doors closed.  His bathroom has a toilet lock.  Otherwise, Caleb likes to lift up the toilet lid and throw his head and hands in the water to have some splashing fun.  No pictures of this.  Sorry.  When I see my son in the toilet, my first instinct is not to run and get the camera.

He also loves to unwind all our toilet paper.  He’s discovered that if he keeps turning the roll, the paper keeps falling down next to him.  This is pure joy for him.  No picture of this either. 

Our son has gotten quite a bit taller. He thinned out a lot.  But, he’s learned that he can reach even more things, not just by growing, but by standing on his tippy-toes.


Last week, I left Caleb in our childproof bedroom to go use the bathroom.  When i came out 1-2 minutes later, our son was smiling/clapping at me from the top of our dresser.  Yes, from the top.  He had systematically pulled out the drawers and climbed up.  And, yes, our son was clapping and obviously proud of himself.  No picture of this either.  I wasn’t about to leave my son 4 feet up on a dresser to run downstairs to get our camera.

I’m sure there’s more.  I have to remember to blog this stuff when it happens.