Yvonne Gives Birth To A Baby (Or Yvonne Might Hate Me After This)

I’m not really into those “I’m going poop” Twitter or Facebook status updates.  Those types of messages usually fall into the disgusting, boring, and TMI category.  But this requires a special post because of the monstrosity I witnessed today.  I love you, Yvonne.  The wonderful things you get to see while married and pregnant.

So I come upstairs to see Yvonne on the toilet going poo poo.  I’ve been downstairs for approximately five minutes, and she’s been on the toilet the whole time.  Naturally she’s a quick pooper and is done within a minute or two, unlike me and my male peers who can go for hours.  So it was unusual to see her still there.  Summarizing her own words, she said she had to go but it won’t come out.  I leave the bathroom and begin to move our cat downstairs when she calls to me, “come see the baby I just made.”  I’m thinking, “that’s disgusting”, and I have to move the cat downstairs.  But she insists I look at this baby.

And boy oh boy, was that a big baby.

I have never seen anything like it before.  It was beautiful and disgusting all at once.  This was the poop of a lifetime.  It was hard to measure since I didn’t want to stick my face in the toilet with this monstrous poop. But from my visual estimates standing up, I would have to guess that this baby was at least 4 inches in diameter and maybe 6 to 7 inches long.  That’s like a small football (American).  Yvonne probably lost like 4 pounds after that poop session.  This was amazing.

Pregnancy can do fascinating (or scary depending on how you look at it) things to the female body.  This is just one of the side effects, at least for Yvonne.  You eat extra food, and that waste has to go somewhere.  From a combination of being pregnant and a lack of drinking water, we were able to witness this once-in-a-lifetime poop.

I apologize for lack of pictures.  A moment like this should have been captured on camera.

Update: I forgot to mention that this poop, not surprisingly, clogged the toilet.

A Present From Caris to Daddy

Caleb likes to give me things.  He leaves cars by my bed when I get home from work.  Caris also likes to leave presents for me.  Actually, this one was for mommy, but mommy gave it to me. 


Take a closer look.


No, take a real close look.


There’s a string inside her poop.  That’s because she picks up everything on the floor and puts it into her mouth.  And eventually it comes out here.  But look at this sweet poop.  This thing measures at least 6 to 7 inches.  That’s one big poop for a baby.  You can even tell the poop was from different meals.  How awesome is that.

Video Time!!

Now that I have the DS-3 up in the office, I should be able to upload many more videos than I have been.  Here are some recent ones.

Emily Lam, the last two videos are just for you (and the rest of you who complained about poop).  Enjoy!

Snug n Dry, My Butt

In the beginning when we first changed from cloth diapers to disposable ones, we kept trying to find the right one. At first we went with Huggies Snug n Dry. At that time, Caleb was maybe 8 or 9 months. Let’s just say the Snug n Dry might have kept his booty dry. But it sure didn’t keep his clothes dry. So we finally found Huggies Supreme, and they worked great for the most part.

The problem with the Huggies Supreme wasn’t their performance, but their price. They didn’t sell them at Price Club (Costco). They only sold the Snug n Dry diapers there and they were significantly cheaper than the Supremes we were using. So after 6 months, we tried to use the Snug n Drys again. Maybe after growing so much, and losing some of his chub they would work better And they worked well for the most part.

And then comes yesterday night. We were at the mall last night to get out and eat dinner. Caleb has been a pretty regular pooper. He usually goes 2-3 times every day, which is a lot, but still normal. Yesterday he had been pooping a lot. I had changed him 3 times already before we went to the mall. Number 4 came at the mall just as we were about to leave.

Now I (we) had a decision to make. We could change him there. But he was just going to go home and take shower anyways. So why change him and put him in a new diaper only to have to take it off again when we get home 10 minutes later?

So I decided to let him be. And let him sit in his stinky diaper. Let’s just say that didn’t turn out so well.

We get home and I take him out of his car seat. I notice my arm being a little wet, and when I hand him off to Yvonne, there’s a big ol’ brown spot on his back/butt.

Snug n Dry. Dry on the butt. Not on the clothes.

And a note to you Britax Boulevard car seat owners. If you get poop or any other foul smell on the car seat, it’s a pain in the butt to get the cover off. Just FYI.

Updates! Sick Again!

It’s been a while since Yvonne or I last posted.  But hopefully I can catch you all up for those who don’t see Caleb as often.

Caleb started sleeping through the night at 12 and a half months old.  It was great getting a full night’s rest every night.  And then after mommy’s birthday weekend, he got sick, and those sleepless nights were back again.  On August 12th, Caleb started getting a fever (around 101-102).  He was so hot we had to strip him.  We’ve never let our son watch so much TV in his life.


And it stayed that way for the next 4 days.  A few days later on Friday night, he was moaning and groaning and couldn’t settle himself to sleep.  He didn’t feel hot anymore, but felt cold.  Yvonne took his temperature and it was 96.5, which is much worse than having a fever if you didn’t know.

Yvonne called up the pediatrician and we were able to get his temperature up a little.  A few days in, we still didn’t know what he had since he had know other symptoms other than a high fever and general grumpiness/clingyness.  We went in to see the on-call pediatrician that Saturday.  She checked him out very briefly and diagnosed it as an ear infection.  And that was strange to us, since he had no other symptoms.  No cold.  No rubbing the ears.  No apparent ear pain at all.  But that’s what she said.  So she gave us a prescription for antibiotics.  We didn’t like this doctor by the way.

So that Saturday, I was in charge of taking care of him while Yvonne was off doing her servant auction team stuff.  His fever broke.  He no longer had a low temperature.  And his mood was much better since the previous day.  But we started him on antibiotics anyways.  Of course with antibiotics comes lots and lots of poop.



Later that night (or maybe the next day), we noticed on his body all these bumps on his body.  We thinking maybe he had an allergic reaction to something he ate or to the antibiotics.  But he didn’t seem to be itchy.  And he didn’t seem bother by it, which made it strange for us.  He just seemed normal, but with bumps all over his body.


Here comes the internet.  After a little research, we narrowed it down to roseola virus.  His symptoms matched up with the symptoms of someone with roseola virus.  High fever for a week, and then abrupt breaking of the fever, followed by bumps/rash.  We called the pediatrician again and scheduled another appointment with our normal pediatrician that Monday.  Yup.  It’s definitely roseola virus.

After a few days, he got less and less clingy.  And went back to sleep again!  Full night’s worth!  Yay!

Well…  That only lasted a week, cause yesterday he got himself a cold.  Last night, he was having a miserable time sleeping.  Kept waking up every hour or so.  And then Yvonne sucked the snot out of his with her mouth in the middle of the night to help him breathe.  Yes.  He’s got a cold.  Second illness in 2 weeks.  Sucks to be Caleb.  Sucks to be us going without sleep again.

It’s my turn to watch him tonight, so I’m up writing this.  He hasn’t been bad so far.  Only needed us once.  But it’s early.  And he’s making a lot of noise tonight.  Can’t be comfortable for him.

Go away sicknesses!

Pictures (Things Caleb likes):

He likes eating mommy’s birthday cake (which he’s not allowed to eat.  He’s allergic!)


He likes the circus


He likes mirrors


He likes pointing (at water fountains)


He likes pointing (at leaves)


He likes pointing (at birds)


He likes playing with stuff that he probably shouldn’t be playing with


He likes playing with stuff that he probably shouldn’t be playing with (but he doesn’t like getting stuck trying to play with them)


He likes reading books (by himself too)


He likes cars and trucks


He likes Cars


He likes playing with Tommy


He likes playing with Daddy


And he likes playing with Mommy


Baby Caleb Sleeps Thru the Night!!!

Yes, you read right.  Caleb slept through the night last night.  It’s a miracle. 

It all started when he turned 1 on 6/27/08.  We were at youth camp.  He slept 9 hours straight, but woke up at 4 something in the morning.  Despite the early morning wake up, we were ecstatic.  Then the next 2-3 weeks, Caleb just teased us… sometimes waking multiple times in the night, sometimes having trouble even falling asleep, sometimes staying awake for long periods of time in the middle of the night… or sometimes only waking up once or doing long stretches of sleep.  Then this past week, he started stretching out his sleep more consistently.  8 hours one night.  9 hours another night.  9.5 hours another night.  But he would struggle with going back to sleep after these long stretches of sleep, keeping mommy up with him from 4 or 5 in the morning. 

Caleb’s been occasionally resisting his morning nap… or taking shorter morning naps.  He started consistently dropping a nap this past week, which may be why he’s sleeping longer at night.  I think Caleb’s in the process of transitioning from 2 to 1 nap. 

Anyhow, 2 nights ago, Caleb slept 10 hours straight, from 8PM to 6AM.  we thought that was a miracle.  Then 1 night ago, he woke up once at 11:50PM.  He had a huge stinky poop.  I changed him, put him down immediately, and back to sleep he went in less than a minute or two!  He slept until 6am-ish.  Then last night… the momentous night that calls for major partying… Caleb slept from 7:35PM to 6:40AM.  11 hours!  He did wake up right before 5AM, but put himself back to sleep after 10 minutes of crying.  This is utterly amazing.  And now for the last 2 days, he’s back to taking his 2 naps again… 3 hours of naps per day, 11 hours at night….  it’s textbook.  My goodness… we have a textbook angel baby. 

For those of you who have not been on this sleep deprivation saga with us, you have no idea what joy it brings us to see our son sleeping.  We know this may not be the end of all the sleepless nights for Caleb.  But pray with us that it is!  Meanwhile, we’re praising God for what He’s given us so far.



Big Island Travels

We just spent the last 3 days on the Big Island with Bel, Stan, & baby Noah.  Here are some highlights and funny moments.

  • We explored a lava tube and lots of lava rocks. The volcano here is currently active, so we were trying to go visit the site where you can see lava going into the ocean.  Well, let’s just say the boys were navigating and we found ourselves at a totally different spot.  But I must say, where we went was nice too… and probably heaps safer for the babies.  We saw the area of the last most recent lava activity (about 5 years ago).  Caleb was so fussy after not getting any naps and being in a car all day.  He wouldn’t be soothed in our arms.  Finally I had to nurse him while we walked to the lava site.  It was like carrying a sack of potatoes on a hike.   And, baby Caleb decided to have another poop explosion… this time all over mommy’s shirt and pants and the Ergo baby carrier.  It was quite impressive.





  • On our trip, Caleb found himself a new toy… baby Noah who lays there like non-moving target.  Poor Noah.  Just wait ’til Noah can roll and crawl well.  He’ll be chasing after you, Caleb.



  • Caleb fell asleep on the beach.  I put him down in his tent… and he stayed asleep!!!  well, it was for only 25 minutes, but it’s a first for him to go to sleep with lights and sounds without much of a fight.




  • We wanted to visit a macadamia nut farm.  Stan found one on the internet.  We went there and found this house on a farm.  Very interesting.  Nobody else was there.  We got a nice personal tour of the mac nut trees, kona coffee beans, & avocado & banana trees.  We learned that bananas were originally eaten on the Island by only males.  Females would be killed if they ate this food associated with male fertility.  We found big spiders there.  Chris liked them a lot!  He wanted to take one home with us.



  • Chris looks mighty cute taking care of 2 munchkins.


Poopy Poop

So, Chris takes Caleb to our local grocery store here (Tamura’s) by himself.  He wants to give me some time to rest since I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday.  All we really need is some water, and maybe a little bit of something for lunch. 

I wake up from a nap wondering where my hubby and baby are.  I call them.  Chris starts laughing on the phone and tells me that Caleb had a poop explosion… a diarrhea one. Caleb has been having diarrhea since starting antibiotics last week (he had been sick for over 3 weeks).

Chris comes home carrying baby Caleb in only a diaper.  His purchases = diapers + baby food (peas and prunes).  Chris’ white Bucks t-shirt is spotted with brown liquid poop.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Chris forgot to take the diaper bag with him, so he had to buy diapers there.  He carried dripping poopy Caleb thru the supermarket to buy diapers.  He didn’t have the hands to carry a big jug of water, but he could hold peas and prunes baby food jars.  Hahaaa.  So, are we really going to be feeding prunes to Caleb after he’s just had a diarrhea explosion?  Hahaha.

Caleb came home with a big smile on his face.  He had fun with his daddy.

Awh, too bad I didn’t take any pictures of Caleb’s poopy clothes or Chris in his poopy shirt.  You’d be laughing too.  Here’s a cute pic of Caleb in his sunnies, hat, & New Zealand swimwear.


7, 8, 15, 21, 6, 7, 2

Yvonne had posted earlier that Caleb was popping out teeth 3-6 on his top.  After that Yvonne told me that teeth number 7 and 8, the next 2 on the bottom don’t usually come out until 15-21 months.  That’s when the molars and canines come out around the same time too.  So we’re thinking another 5 months or so of good non-teething for our son.

So you know those lower teeth that aren’t suppose to show up until 15 months?  Well they’re here.  And yes.  That’s 6 teeth coming out at one time.  From 2 teeth to 8 teeth in 2 weeks.  No wonder he’s drooling so much.

So besides the teething, Caleb is also sick (as is the rest of the family).  He’s been sick since Wednesday.  He’s got a cold and can’t breathe through his nose well.  He’s been eating much less than he normally does since he’s been sick.

Not only is he teething and sick, but he’s also constipated.  Last night before we put our son to bed, we took his temperature.  As the thermometer was up his butt, Yvonne could feel the poop right on the edge.  So we helped him along.  Helped him along to about 7 inches of poop coming out.  Now for some of you, 7 inches of poop may not seem like much.   But you have to realize that my son is only 28 inches long.  That’s 1/4 his length.  Imagine Shaq dropping a 2 foot deuce.

Anything else besides teething, illness and constipation?  Yup!  He’s just started to crawl as well.  Well he’s not really crawling in your normal baby sense.  But he definitely scoots across the ground.

So what does this all add up to?  Well, Caleb since the beginning of the year has been sleeping extremely well for night time and for nap times as well.  It’s quite an amazing turn around that he’s had since his non-sleeping days, which lasted for his first 6 months. 

Since Wednesday, his sleeping has been pretty bad.  It might be just the sickness messing with his sleep, but it could be and can be everything else that’s going on.  He’s slept some nights waking up only twice, and then some nights waking up every hour.  His naps have gone back to 30 minutes, rather than the 2 hours he had been getting consistently the previous month.

We know Caleb is going through a lot of stuff, but he needs sleep.  He gets sleep, then mommy and daddy get sleep.  If he doesn’t sleep, mommy doesn’t sleep and that doesn’t help anyone.

Please pray that Caleb will get healthy soon and return to his good sleeping patterns.  Please pray that these short naps don’t become a habit, and he’ll return to his long napping again.

Solid Food = Solid Poop

Caleb has been trying lots of new food the past 3 weeks since he started.  He’s been eating rice cereal, avocado, nectarine, pear, sweet potato and oat cereal (and possibly other stuff).  This "solid" food starts off actually very mushy where it’s in fact mostly just liquid breast milk.  But as he’s been eating more and more, the less mushy it gets, and the more solid it gets.

Last week, we started feeding him solid foods for dinner right before bed as well as in the morning.  Last week we were feeding him sweet potato in the morning and rice cereal in the evening.  Well for those of you who don’t know, those foods can cause constipation.  Fortunately for our son, he didn’t have bad constipation.  He pooped a little on Friday, and didn’t poop again until Monday afternoon, which is a long time for our child, since he’s been pooping regularly a few times a day.  So not having to clean poop on Caleb for weekend was quite nerve wracking for us.  But alas, he finally pooped on Monday with a nice series of long poops to make up for it.

Caleb is struggling to get this new poop out since it’s much thicker than before.  On breast milk alone, he pooped liquid.  Now that he’s on solids, he poops thick like daddy.  Caleb’s poop is even as stinky as daddy’s.  Except daddy’s poop is covered in water, so it doesn’t stink as bad.  Caleb’s poop is out in the open, just like a doggy’s poop after he’s meaty food.  It don’t smell good.

I had an opportunity to see Caleb poop in action this morning.  As I was changing him before his nap, he started releasing a bunch of poop.  Not thinking fast enough, I wasn’t able to get video or pictures of it.  Too bad.  Next time though.