Poopy Poop

So, Chris takes Caleb to our local grocery store here (Tamura’s) by himself.  He wants to give me some time to rest since I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday.  All we really need is some water, and maybe a little bit of something for lunch. 

I wake up from a nap wondering where my hubby and baby are.  I call them.  Chris starts laughing on the phone and tells me that Caleb had a poop explosion… a diarrhea one. Caleb has been having diarrhea since starting antibiotics last week (he had been sick for over 3 weeks).

Chris comes home carrying baby Caleb in only a diaper.  His purchases = diapers + baby food (peas and prunes).  Chris’ white Bucks t-shirt is spotted with brown liquid poop.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Chris forgot to take the diaper bag with him, so he had to buy diapers there.  He carried dripping poopy Caleb thru the supermarket to buy diapers.  He didn’t have the hands to carry a big jug of water, but he could hold peas and prunes baby food jars.  Hahaaa.  So, are we really going to be feeding prunes to Caleb after he’s just had a diarrhea explosion?  Hahaha.

Caleb came home with a big smile on his face.  He had fun with his daddy.

Awh, too bad I didn’t take any pictures of Caleb’s poopy clothes or Chris in his poopy shirt.  You’d be laughing too.  Here’s a cute pic of Caleb in his sunnies, hat, & New Zealand swimwear.


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