Caleb, Caris, & I were at Target shopping for a gift for a birthday party we were going to.  We were in the “princess” section.  Caleb starts to “Oo, oo” (in a very loud voice).  What?  Choo-choo.  There are no choo-choo trains in the princess section, Caleb.  “OO-OO” in an even louder voice.  I look over and see a red train, completely out of place on the shelf.  Caleb frantically keeps saying “oo-oo”… essentially communicating his desire to see the train. I hand it over to him to look at and tell him, “I’m just letting you hold and look at the train.  When we leave, we’ll have to put it back.”  I turn back to the princess shelf to look for our gift.  I turn back to find that Caleb has completely ripped open the train package.  Oh no!  Can I nonchalantly leave a half-opened/ripped train package on the shelf?  I don’t think so.  OK, Caleb, you win.  You get the train.   


The funny thing is this train wasn’t working.  It’s supposed to have a button that let lights and sounds go off.  But, the button wasn’t working.  So I returned the train the next day with its delapidated box.  Haha.  Good thing, Caleb hasn’t noticed its gone.  Mommy wins!