Caleb, Caris, & I were at Target shopping for a gift for a birthday party we were going to.  We were in the “princess” section.  Caleb starts to “Oo, oo” (in a very loud voice).  What?  Choo-choo.  There are no choo-choo trains in the princess section, Caleb.  “OO-OO” in an even louder voice.  I look over and see a red train, completely out of place on the shelf.  Caleb frantically keeps saying “oo-oo”… essentially communicating his desire to see the train. I hand it over to him to look at and tell him, “I’m just letting you hold and look at the train.  When we leave, we’ll have to put it back.”  I turn back to the princess shelf to look for our gift.  I turn back to find that Caleb has completely ripped open the train package.  Oh no!  Can I nonchalantly leave a half-opened/ripped train package on the shelf?  I don’t think so.  OK, Caleb, you win.  You get the train.   


The funny thing is this train wasn’t working.  It’s supposed to have a button that let lights and sounds go off.  But, the button wasn’t working.  So I returned the train the next day with its delapidated box.  Haha.  Good thing, Caleb hasn’t noticed its gone.  Mommy wins!

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  1. Actually, the train does work. I bought the same one for a friend’s kid a couple of weeks ago and thought it didn’t work either. However, if you open up your picture and look at the front of the train, there is a red plastic strip hanging out. You needed to pull out and remove that strip in order to activate the lights and sounds. It’s there to prevent the battery from getting depleted by kids playing with it in the store before the toy is purchased and taken home.

  2. hee-hee… i actually did pull out that strip. caleb played with the train all afternoon and night. i thought i just hadn’t figured out how to use it. but after he went to sleep and i had time to play with train myself, i realized that the train actually was broken. the button itself was broken. it was almost like the button was always depressed/activated. the train would randomly turn on, usually when i shook it. when i went to return the train i went into the store to look at the other trains on the shelf to see if i was just going crazy. the others had buttons that actually depressed. hee-hee… so we got a dud. thanks, though, lai-ki, for the comment! truthfully, that would totally be something i might have overlooked. 🙂

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