Now Scared?

It’s seems that Caleb is now scared of his crib. After months and months of good nights putting him to bed, last night all of the sudden he started wailing and crying when we put him in the crib. He wouldn’t/couldn’t tell us what was wrong, so I eventually just left him there to cry. I didn’t know what he wanted, but he fell asleep after a few minutes of wailing.

Fast forward to tonight, and he does it again. Only this time after leaving, we hear a big thump. Yes, that was Caleb climbing and falling out of the crib. He had a bloody nose and he cut his tongue. We know about these fears sometimes that suddenly occur in toddlers. But what do we do?

When all I can think about is pray, that’s where I’ll start. But someone has to have some idea and wisdom in this area. I certainly don’t. I just don’t want Caleb to die falling out of his crib while we find out what to do.

Yvonne’s sleeping with him now. This can’t become a habit. Caleb needs to figure out how to sleep on his own. Fears go away.

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  1. maybe he’s ready to be out of a crib. Penelope was showing a lot of signs that she was ready to be out of a crib and when we bought her a big girl bed she transitioned without a problem.

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