Caleb turns 2!!

Oh, my… I can’t believe my son is 2.  Actually, he turned 2 yesterday (sorry Caleb for the late post).  If you ask Caleb, he’ll still say that he’s 1.  Oh well, I guess it’ll take time for him to adjust to his new age.  Caleb went to the water park at Santa Fe Dam today.  We had dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.  I’ll have to put more pics up when I upload them.





Right now, Chris & I just watched our son fall out of his crib.  His crib has a door that we now leave open since he’d climb over the crib rails anyways.  He moves so much in his sleep…  and just now, he moved himself right out of the crib… pretty much did a flip out of the cirb.  we heard a groan, but no crying.  Then we saw Caleb roll to the right, out of the video camera’s sight.  I guess he’s still sleeping.  Enjoy the floor, Caleb.


A Blast From the Past:








That’s all for now.  Goodnight world.  Stay asleep, my sweet boy.

Caris turns 5 months!

Yay, Caris…  You’re 5 months old.  You need to tell big brother Caleb that his crib is not scary… nor are bugs/bees, dogs, bees, fans/air conditioners, fake gravel, mud, etc, etc.  Once Caleb stops screaming every hour or so, I think you’ll start napping/sleeping better again.  I hope so at least.  This mommy loves her sleep.  Sleep lots, little 5-month old!



Now Scared?

It’s seems that Caleb is now scared of his crib. After months and months of good nights putting him to bed, last night all of the sudden he started wailing and crying when we put him in the crib. He wouldn’t/couldn’t tell us what was wrong, so I eventually just left him there to cry. I didn’t know what he wanted, but he fell asleep after a few minutes of wailing.

Fast forward to tonight, and he does it again. Only this time after leaving, we hear a big thump. Yes, that was Caleb climbing and falling out of the crib. He had a bloody nose and he cut his tongue. We know about these fears sometimes that suddenly occur in toddlers. But what do we do?

When all I can think about is pray, that’s where I’ll start. But someone has to have some idea and wisdom in this area. I certainly don’t. I just don’t want Caleb to die falling out of his crib while we find out what to do.

Yvonne’s sleeping with him now. This can’t become a habit. Caleb needs to figure out how to sleep on his own. Fears go away.


Caleb, Caris, & I were at Target shopping for a gift for a birthday party we were going to.  We were in the “princess” section.  Caleb starts to “Oo, oo” (in a very loud voice).  What?  Choo-choo.  There are no choo-choo trains in the princess section, Caleb.  “OO-OO” in an even louder voice.  I look over and see a red train, completely out of place on the shelf.  Caleb frantically keeps saying “oo-oo”… essentially communicating his desire to see the train. I hand it over to him to look at and tell him, “I’m just letting you hold and look at the train.  When we leave, we’ll have to put it back.”  I turn back to the princess shelf to look for our gift.  I turn back to find that Caleb has completely ripped open the train package.  Oh no!  Can I nonchalantly leave a half-opened/ripped train package on the shelf?  I don’t think so.  OK, Caleb, you win.  You get the train.   


The funny thing is this train wasn’t working.  It’s supposed to have a button that let lights and sounds go off.  But, the button wasn’t working.  So I returned the train the next day with its delapidated box.  Haha.  Good thing, Caleb hasn’t noticed its gone.  Mommy wins!

Caris’ Stats

Caris had her 4 month doctors appointment this morning.  She got heaps of shots and the oral rotavirus vaccine.  Hope she doesn’t get a high fever like Caleb did at his 4 month vaccines. 

Length – 26 inches (95-97th percentile)

Weight – 15 pounds, 14.5oz (90th percentile)

Head Circumference – 40.5 inches (45th percentile)


So, when we weighed Caris, I was all disappointed… thinking my daughter doesn’t weigh very much.  Her brother was 17 pounds, 7 oz at his 4 month appointment.  Then the doctor tells me that she’s 90th percentile in weight for girls.  So, I guess I don’t have to worry about Caris being too small. 

No teeth yet for Caris.  And she’s almost there with rolling.  She’s only done it once so far…  I think it was a total accident that she flung her leg all the way over.  She has yet to make that mistake again.  Caris is really good at the back scoot, though.  She can get pretty far on her back, just by using her legs to propel her while in a supine position.  She’s great at grabbing things now.  Really likes using her hands.






(I love my spit cloths.  And yes, I can breathe.)






(Daddy’s getting me dressed.)



(I still have a double chin!)



(I’m a chub-meister… and proud of it!)



My Son is Big

I was looking at my Facebook profile picture, and I’m noticing how small he was in that picture.  He was walking at that time, but he’s small. And not only is he small, he’s got no hair too (not that he has a lot of hair now).  He still looks the same though.