Caris’ Stats

Caris had her 4 month doctors appointment this morning.  She got heaps of shots and the oral rotavirus vaccine.  Hope she doesn’t get a high fever like Caleb did at his 4 month vaccines. 

Length – 26 inches (95-97th percentile)

Weight – 15 pounds, 14.5oz (90th percentile)

Head Circumference – 40.5 inches (45th percentile)


So, when we weighed Caris, I was all disappointed… thinking my daughter doesn’t weigh very much.  Her brother was 17 pounds, 7 oz at his 4 month appointment.  Then the doctor tells me that she’s 90th percentile in weight for girls.  So, I guess I don’t have to worry about Caris being too small. 

No teeth yet for Caris.  And she’s almost there with rolling.  She’s only done it once so far…  I think it was a total accident that she flung her leg all the way over.  She has yet to make that mistake again.  Caris is really good at the back scoot, though.  She can get pretty far on her back, just by using her legs to propel her while in a supine position.  She’s great at grabbing things now.  Really likes using her hands.






(I love my spit cloths.  And yes, I can breathe.)






(Daddy’s getting me dressed.)



(I still have a double chin!)



(I’m a chub-meister… and proud of it!)



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