My 1st Helmet

Grandma & grandpa are planning to buy Caleb his 1st bike/trike, so I took Caleb to our city public safety office where they sell children helmets for only $5.  The age range for the helmets is 3-9 years, but I figured Caleb has a pretty big head so he should be able to fit into a 3 year old helmet as long as they allow us to buy one.  They didn’t mind at all that Caleb was younger. 

Caleb was so good for the helmet fitting.  They started him with the toddler helmet, but nope it didn’t fit… too small.  Too bad cuz they had cute helmet designs.  Then, Caleb tried on a youth-small helmet.  It also didn’t fit.  What?!  My son is not even 22 months old yet.  Finally, they found one that fit… also a youth size small, but a wider fit.  I started laughing when they put it on (OK, OK, I know I’m not supposed to).  But, the helmet looked so big on him.  It looked like a motorcycle helmet.  Oh well.  At least we found something to protect Caleb’s precious noggin.  Chris still says that our boy’s head contains the cure for cancer.  I guess we better protect it. 


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