Updates! Sick Again!

It’s been a while since Yvonne or I last posted.  But hopefully I can catch you all up for those who don’t see Caleb as often.

Caleb started sleeping through the night at 12 and a half months old.  It was great getting a full night’s rest every night.  And then after mommy’s birthday weekend, he got sick, and those sleepless nights were back again.  On August 12th, Caleb started getting a fever (around 101-102).  He was so hot we had to strip him.  We’ve never let our son watch so much TV in his life.


And it stayed that way for the next 4 days.  A few days later on Friday night, he was moaning and groaning and couldn’t settle himself to sleep.  He didn’t feel hot anymore, but felt cold.  Yvonne took his temperature and it was 96.5, which is much worse than having a fever if you didn’t know.

Yvonne called up the pediatrician and we were able to get his temperature up a little.  A few days in, we still didn’t know what he had since he had know other symptoms other than a high fever and general grumpiness/clingyness.  We went in to see the on-call pediatrician that Saturday.  She checked him out very briefly and diagnosed it as an ear infection.  And that was strange to us, since he had no other symptoms.  No cold.  No rubbing the ears.  No apparent ear pain at all.  But that’s what she said.  So she gave us a prescription for antibiotics.  We didn’t like this doctor by the way.

So that Saturday, I was in charge of taking care of him while Yvonne was off doing her servant auction team stuff.  His fever broke.  He no longer had a low temperature.  And his mood was much better since the previous day.  But we started him on antibiotics anyways.  Of course with antibiotics comes lots and lots of poop.



Later that night (or maybe the next day), we noticed on his body all these bumps on his body.  We thinking maybe he had an allergic reaction to something he ate or to the antibiotics.  But he didn’t seem to be itchy.  And he didn’t seem bother by it, which made it strange for us.  He just seemed normal, but with bumps all over his body.


Here comes the internet.  After a little research, we narrowed it down to roseola virus.  His symptoms matched up with the symptoms of someone with roseola virus.  High fever for a week, and then abrupt breaking of the fever, followed by bumps/rash.  We called the pediatrician again and scheduled another appointment with our normal pediatrician that Monday.  Yup.  It’s definitely roseola virus.

After a few days, he got less and less clingy.  And went back to sleep again!  Full night’s worth!  Yay!

Well…  That only lasted a week, cause yesterday he got himself a cold.  Last night, he was having a miserable time sleeping.  Kept waking up every hour or so.  And then Yvonne sucked the snot out of his with her mouth in the middle of the night to help him breathe.  Yes.  He’s got a cold.  Second illness in 2 weeks.  Sucks to be Caleb.  Sucks to be us going without sleep again.

It’s my turn to watch him tonight, so I’m up writing this.  He hasn’t been bad so far.  Only needed us once.  But it’s early.  And he’s making a lot of noise tonight.  Can’t be comfortable for him.

Go away sicknesses!

Pictures (Things Caleb likes):

He likes eating mommy’s birthday cake (which he’s not allowed to eat.  He’s allergic!)


He likes the circus


He likes mirrors


He likes pointing (at water fountains)


He likes pointing (at leaves)


He likes pointing (at birds)


He likes playing with stuff that he probably shouldn’t be playing with


He likes playing with stuff that he probably shouldn’t be playing with (but he doesn’t like getting stuck trying to play with them)


He likes reading books (by himself too)


He likes cars and trucks


He likes Cars


He likes playing with Tommy


He likes playing with Daddy


And he likes playing with Mommy


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