Closet Dweller

We’re going to Louisville in May for General Council. We booked a suite for the week, and it was assumed by both Yvonne and I that Caleb would be getting the bedroom and we would be sleeping in the living room.

But why does it have to be that way? Yes, Caleb is a very light sleeper and he is easily disturb. We can’t go walking around in his area of sleep after he’s down. We don’t want to be stuck where we are at (bedroom) after he’s asleep with no access to the bathroom or exit.

Question is… can Caleb sleep in the closet?

Now at first thought, that’s absurd, right? What parents in their right mind would put their son to sleep in the closet? But he gets his dark sleeping area. He won’t get disturbed by light, sounds and movement. He’s much smaller than us, but he still gets his own room. I mean we’ll lose some storage area, but that closet would be put to good use!

So, you choose.

Can Caleb sleep in the closet?

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