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I posted a few months ago about Google not having "Caleb Wong" on the first searched page.  He was on the third page, which wasn’t bad at the time, but it should have been better.  Well after a few months, our "hard" work has paid off.  Caleb Wong is now on the first page.  Caleb is on the bottom of the first page, so we still have more to do.  I want this site #1 on the results.  I want people to hit "I’m feeling lucky" button and go to Caleb’s site.  I believe this will be a worthwhile goal.

Other search engines are doing well too.  Yahoo has Caleb listed number 2.  Live has this site on the first page as well, but it is on the bottom.  Of course Live has got some strange results.  Some of you know the Jeff registered and several months ago for Caleb’s birthday.  That’s great and all, but there’s no content up there yet.  They’re just parked sites now.  Well, Live search results have and #1 and #4 search result.  Hello!  They’re just parked sites.  Hopefully we can get some content on them soon, but there’s nothing on them now.

So yeah.  Avoid even if they do pay you to use their search engine.  These results aren’t promising.

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