New Title

No, that’s not a generic title.  It actually means there’s a new title to the blog if you didn’t notice.  Yeah, I know.  I might take a hit on Caleb Joshua Wong’s Google juice, but it’s no longer accurate.  Besides I need to boot Caris Elisabeth Wong’s web presence. is available by the way, Mr. Su.  Of course I don’t think he reads this site, but I’m sure Mr. Lui will relay the information to him.

Again, I’m doing a Google search for Caleb.  Really, who are these people in front of Caleb?  Are you kidding me?  Is my son really losing traction against these guys?  That’s preposterous.   That’s unacceptable.  And now I have Caris to try to get up there as well?

I have some reorganization to do.  We need to get Caleb content on his domain.  And maybe if Caris get’s a domain too, we can get her web presence up.  My children need to be first page search results.  No more falling back to page 3.  Work needs to be done!

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