Someone has offered Jeff $200 for  I told Jeff to make a counter-offer of $10000.  Yes, I know it’s only a parked site now, but there will be content on that site soon enough, when I ever get the time to put stuff up.  Unless that sucker actually buys it for 10 grand.

I did a search on Google again for Caleb Wong.  These results keep jumping back and forth.  Last I checked he was on the first page.  And now?  He’s on the third page.  What kind of shenanigans is Google pulling off here?  You guys own me.  My mail goes through you.  My calendar, rss reader, search.  And now you even own my phone.  And you drop my son to page number 3?  Below fools like this and this?  You telling me my 17 month old son’s web presence isn’t greater than this?  I must correct this.

At least Microsoft has it right by putting Caleb #1 on their search engine.  Get it right, Google.

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