You’re finally here after waiting 3 months

So Caleb recently turned 7 months. Right before 4 months, he got his first 2 teeth. We’ve seen no teeth activity since then until this past week or 2.

Tooth #3 has finally arrived… top left central incisor. It actually reared its pointy edge 2 nights ago, but poor Caleb’s gums have been so inflamed & swollen that I couldn’t feel the edge anymore for the last 2 days. Today, it’s made its obvious appearance. But wait! It’s not alone. Teeth #4, 5, and 6 are right there waiting for their turn. Caleb is getting his top 4 teeth all at once!!! Some infants get 1 tooth at time; some get 2 at a time. Our baby, though, has decided that cutting 2 teeth at a time is for wimps. He’s going to do 4 at a time. Way to go, Caleb. That’s how to take this whole teething business head on. 🙂


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