Our Fish Tank

So, Chris setup the fish tank Sunday night… almost.  All we got was the fish tank.  Here are pictures of Chris getting the fish used to their new water temperature.





Here are our fish in the tank.  They really do seem much happier.  No more fast-moving gills begging us to give them more air.  And we found them alive in the morning.  Yay.



We’re missing the cover/hood.  The tank came with one, but the switch was broken.  We quickly learned that we definitely need a cover with the kids around.

IMG_7225 IMG_7226


After 2 trips to Walmart to get the cover exchanged and to buy gravel (to keep the tank cleaner), extra filters (to keep the tank cleaner), and a couple decorations (for the fish to hide in when the cats and kids scare them), we now have our fish tank all set up.  Caris likes the fish too.

  IMG_7233IMG_7229 IMG_7228 IMG_7230


OK, fish… so for all this work in setting up a tank for you, you better not die on us.

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  1. A couple of “free” fish aren’t so free anymore are they? The tank looks nice though! If we get another pet, it will have to be a fish. No more fur in our house. Achoo!

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