Caris Sleeping in Her Carseat

I was driving to a nearby park to take Caleb out to play.  I knew Caris was tired.  From the driver’s seat, I saw her head slumped forward.  I thought she was playing, trying to reach a toy in front of her.  Then I stopped at a light, Caris’ head fell back, and I saw that she was asleep.  But she’s so big now, she doesn’t fit easily into her head rest/support.  We still used it, though, cuz it looks like she’s comfy in it.  But once she pulls her head out of it, it’s hard for her to fit her head back into it.  Mommy has now removed the head rest so Caris’ head can flop anywhere it wants.



Caris & Solid Food

Caris had her first solids on Monday.  Rice cereal… yum, yum.




Here’s a video of this fun feeding adventure.  Yes, that’s Caleb in the background eating his breakfast.  Caleb’s a little jealous that his baby sister is getting so much feeding attention. 


Oh, and Caris had her first sippy cup on Thursday.  Like Caleb, she has skipped the use of bottles almost completely.  That’s our friend Camille in the first picture.





Stickers can stick really well

I’ve learned something new.  Some stickers, when they get wet after being applied to Caleb’s shins, stick extra well to his skin.  So well that they don’t come off for a couple of days even with soap and scrubbing.  The top layer with the design comes off easily, but the gooey sticky part doesn’t.  And this mommy is not going to resort to rubbing alcohol or any other type of strong cleaner on my son’s skin.  I guess I could have gone to the pharmacy and picked up some adhesive remover.  Not enough motivation to do so.  Knew the stickers would come off sooner or later.  🙂