Sigh of Relief

Unlike her brother, Caris has liked being swaddled.  So, we swaddled her.  About a week ago, she started breaking through the swaddle… first with just her left arm, then with both arms.  Sometimes, she could only get a hand out (versus her whole arm).  I noticed she was starting to get angry when her arm-freeing attempts failed.  So, the smart mom I am figured it must be time to unswaddle Caris.  That’s what I did 2 nights ago.  One sleepless night later along with the multiple early night awakenings tonight prompted my much smarter hubby to look online for ideas to help newly unswaddled babies sleep.  He learned that cold turkey unswaddling is not a good idea.  Way to go, Mommy…. Take away your daughter’s sleep association. 

Caris just woke up again.  This time, I went in and swaddled her back up with just her left arm out.  She settled immediately.  I put her in the crib.  She started to fight for about 2 seconds, and then she sighed…  not a sigh of frustration due to loss of freedom, but of relief… finally.  She was asleep before I could step away from the crib. 

I guess that means we need to take the 2+ weeks people recommend for getting our daughter used to being unswaddled.  And I thought we could do it overnight. 

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