So, if any of you have seen our baby in the past month or more, you’ve probably noticed he has this red rash on his little cheeks and also occasionally on his forehead between his eyebrows. He has a mix of really dry sensitive skin, eczema, drool rash, and A propensity for rubbing his face back and forth on his blankie when he’s tired or fussy. All have led to this worsening not-so-pretty red rash.

After having a baby, I’ve learned that there is definitely no shortage of baby advice from people – strangers, family, and friends, etc. But, when you attend a Chinese church, this advice is in even more abundance. Some of it’s not bad. Some is just a bit too far fetched for my liking.

Examples of face rash advice thus far:
– Eucerin (makes our baby break out in a fine rash)
– Aveeno baby lotion (also makes our baby break out in a fine rash)
– Aquaphor (makes our baby turn red and puffy everywhere it’s applied)
– Use the pink baby lotion… only the pink one (Umm, ok.)
– You kiss your baby too much, especially on the cheeks. Don’t kiss your baby so much.
– California Baby Calming Creme (makes our baby smell like he’s frolicked in a bunch of flowers)
– Use a diaper that he’s peed in and rub his face with it (Uhh, don’t think we’ll try that).

Anyhow, we visited his pediatrician on Monday since the rash turned weepy and was bleeding on Sunday. Our son has such good hand coordination now that he has decided that scratching with his fingernails is even better than rubbing back and forth on his spit cloth. With a little bit of antibiotic cream and low-dose steroid cream, our son’s face is looking much better. We’ve enjoyed the plethora of advice, though. It’s been quite interesting. 🙂

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