Caleb’s 2nd Birthday Party

This post is only about a month late.  Not bad for me. 

We had a blast at Caleb’s birthday party on 7/3.  Great way to start the July 4th weekend.  Lots of friends came.  Since we were having Caleb’s party at a large park/playground nearby, Chris & I decided to have a big birthday party for him this year.  I was able to invite several of the wonderful moms God has blessed me with as friends since becoming a mom myself.

This is really sad, but we have no pictures of his birthday party.  Neither of us took pictures.  When we saw that so many other people were taking pictures with their cameras, we decided not to bother.  So, please send us your pictures!

Caleb had fun opening all his presents. 


Thanks to everyone for loving us… and our amazing son.  As Chris said at the party… this has been a wild two years.  We had no idea how challenging parenthood would be, but we also had no idea how much joy would accompany it as well.

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