New Additions to the Wong Family

No, I’m not referring to the baby girl we’re expecting in the next couple of weeks. 

The Wong Family now has 2 goldfish, compliments of the Duarte Library Carnival.  Caleb and Caris had all these tickets from participating in the summer reading program.  Caleb sees all these kids carrying goldfish in a bag, and tells Mommy that he wants a fish.  Mommy goes to Daddy and asks, "Should we get goldfish with these extra tickets?"  Instead of telling me that getting fish is a crazy idea, Daddy says, "Sure.  Every kid needs a fish."  Oh ok.  I don’t know anything about fish.  How hard can they be to take care of?  I’m sure I have some type of vase to throw these goldfish into. 



Now, 2 days later and 2 water changes, Daddy has just gotten back from Walmart at 11:15PM with a 10-gallon tank.  Apparently, goldfish are not as easy to maintain as we thought.  They tend to suffocate in their never-ending waste production when placed in small bowls that have too small of a surface area for good oxygenation.  *Sigh*  Our little 1/4 gallon vase is filthy and these poor fish are frantically seeking air at the top of the vase.



Chris & I are both too sympathetic to watch our fish die, so we now have a real fish tank.  Who’s going to feed these fish when we travel?  Any volunteers? 



Man, these fish better not die on us any time soon.  Caleb really likes these fish. I’ll post new pictures of our fish in their new tank once Chris gets done setting it up.

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  1. Man, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the good Lord genetically designed goldfish specifically to die as soon as you get them away from the carnival.

    Don’t cry, Caleb. If Mommy and Daddy can stay ahead of your curve, they can continuously replace your goldfish before you notice they die.

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