A Big Welcome to Baby #3

Chloe Hannah Wong

Born September 2, 2010 (or as Chris likes to point out… on 90210)


7 pounds, 9.2 oz

19 inches long


Baby Chloe, you had us so confused as to when you actually might be coming… with some preterm labor before 31 weeks, and lots of prelabor contractions from 35 weeks on, we thought for sure you were coming early. But, you came after 39 weeks only 6 days before your actual due date.  And, at 7#9oz, you proved to be the biggest out of all our children, nearly surpassing Caris by 2 pounds.  Yes, those extra 2 pounds do make a huge difference for delivery.  This mommy is a little bit more tired and sore than the last time around.  But that’s ok.  You’re worth it!  Welcome to the Wong family.

IMG_7291  IMG_7314


IMG_7308 I love my fist!

IMG_7365 IMG_7362

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