Little Chloe is yellow now.  Too yellow.  She earned herself admission to the peds unit for bili-lights.  Hopefully one night of lights will be all she needs.  So this mommy will be discharged this afternoon, head home to spend a little bit of time with the big kids, and head back to feed and care for Chloe while she’s in the hospital.  I’ll take pics of the bili bed when Chloe gets back from her hearing screening test.



Update on siblings: Caris is loving her little sister.  Hmm, maybe a little too much, but we’ll work on that.  Pray for unusual gentleness from an active 19-month old.  Caleb is having some difficulty with adjusting.  He’s excited about Baby Chloe, but his behavior is telling us that he’s a bit anxious about this new addition.  Pray for him to adjust well and not need as much attention right now. 


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