Surprise, Surprise

As most of you know, Caleb wasn’t in our plans. He was quite a surprise for us, since neither of us wanted kids yet. But he’s been such a blessing for us (even though he still doesn’t sleep well), and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

So now that Caleb has come, Yvonne and I have started talking about #2 and when that’s going to happen. We never wanted just one child. It was always 0, 2 or 3. And we never wanted our children to be too far apart. 2 years, maybe?

Well #2 was not going to happen yet unless God had another surprise for us again. Well, God is always surprising us, huh? #2 is a surprise again. I should go register and just to make sure.

Elisabeth is kind of a boring name though. Maybe it should be Leia Wong or Padme Wong. Well maybe not Padme. I could think of a whole mess of insults for that name. I started looking up names, and I found this interesting one. Mara Jade. You should read her profile. Quite interesting, I must say.

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