clarification of april fools

for those of you who read the last couple blogs, i need to clarify.  i’ve had a few people ask me questions, obviously confused by the blogs.  no, i’m not pregnant.  and, yes that was my hubby trying to be humorous for april fools day.  the funny thing is that some of it is part truth.  a few months ago, if you had asked me if we would have any more children, i would have told you, “we had never wanted just one, but now one just might be enough.”  Life post-Caleb has been physically and emotionally challenging for me (despite my lovely son).  But, once again, God is at work in my heart.  He is far bigger than even my own fears of being unable to handle postpartum again.  God, the almighty and holy Creator of all, can certainly take care of me and my family.  So, chris and i actually have been talking about when we want more munchkins.  Not right now, but we do want our children to be close in age…. all in God’s timing obviously. 

have a look at our cute family (Dole Plantation & Hanauma Bay):




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