Us crazy Wongs took a trip up to Oakland this past weekend. I know, i know… we’re crazy. I’m still having trouble walking and we decide to go on this trip. Actually, this trip was planned long before Caleb came. I figured that by this time, I’d be healed and we’d be in a nice routine… perfect for going on our first travel adventure as a family.

We went with my mom, my mom’s dog, my sister Sandra, and her 2-year old daughter Eileen. Drove up in a mini van. That was one full vehicle! I’ve never packed so much stuff in my life for a trip! Normally, the trip takes 5-6 hours. Took us over 8 hours on the way up and 10 hours on the way down. Hee-hee. It was tense on this trip at times as my mom’s patience waned with Eileen. But, I must admit there were some hilarious moments. We pulled off on exits I’ve never heard of with no street lights, no gas stations, nothing… all just to breastfeed wailing Caleb. My mom and sister peed next to the van when there was no place else to go. Chris cleaned enough explosive poopy diapers to be called a Poop Expert now.

FIRSTS on this trip:
– Traveling in a car with Caleb for something besides the doctors or breastfeeding class.
– Eating in a restaurant with Caleb
– Taking Caleb to church
– Staying in a hotel with Caleb
– Sleeping in a bed big enough for all 3 of us (so that Chris & Yvonne aren’t falling off)
– Yvonne traveling with her sitz bath (the hotel workers must have thought we were moving in)
– Taking Caleb to a social function (Sam & Charis’ wedding reception)
– Trying to breastfeed Caleb in restaurants and in church
– Yvonne squatting over dirty toilets to pee and do “peri-care” (keeping my perineum area clean)
– Yvonne’s first time drinking milk & having an ice cream shake since pregnancy (not so good on baby Caleb or Yvonne’s tummy… by the way)

It was good, though, seeing Sam & Charis… and lots of others. The great thing about the difficulties of traveling is that taking care of Caleb and myself at home now seems a bit easier than before. 🙂

Thanks for praying for us!!! I’m starting to feel better with less frequent perineal pain now. I have a nurse midwife coming Wednesday morning to do a second opinion consult. Going on 5 weeks now since Caleb’s birth and I still haven’t healed fully. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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  1. Thanks for coming up to see us, even though it took a lot of effort. We really appreciated your presence and it was good catching up with you and Chris. Hopefully the next time we see each other you’ll be in a better physical state.

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