4 month immunizations

Baby Caleb had to have his 4-month vaccines yesterday. Daddy Chris had (and will continue in the future to have) the honor of holding our son for his vaccines. Caleb’s been fussy and feverish with an unhappy tummy. Poor Chris had to sleep holding Caleb with his legs propped up to help Caleb relieve his gassy intestines (compliments of the oral rotavirus vaccine).

When we have a chance, we’ll upload a picture of Caleb’s legs. They gave him cute Charlie Brown bandaids–one on each rotund thigh.

Oh almost forgot… Caleb is now 17 pounds, 7 oz (95th percentile) and 26 1/4 inches long (90th percentile). And, I thought he was slowing down… I guess I was wrong… 🙂

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