So, we just got back this past Monday from Orlando. We went there to attend General Council for our denomination (Christian & Missionary Alliance)… and also to have some out of town fun before Caleb comes! So, we took a redeye flight out to Orlando. I figured this would be great… I can sleep during the whole flight. I’ve always been a great plane sleeper, right? I don’t know why, but being pregnant makes finding the perfect sleep position impossible… especially when you’re in a middle seat on a full flight. During the flight, I tried to be good by doing leg exercises. But, at one point, I felt my feet get all tingly. In the middle of the flight, I got up to use the restroom and discovered that I could no longer fit my feet into my TEVA sandals. that’s strange, but i was sleepy so i went to the restroom, got back in my seat, and ignored it. by the time we got off the flight, i looked down at my legs and feet and saw that they were like double the size they used to be. hee-hee. i couldn’t see any of my ankle bones. so on monday, we (chris, my mom, and me) went to epcot (my 1st time there). i agreed to use a wheelchair. kinda funny… me in a wheelchair. here’s a pic of chris & my mom massaging my legs to try to get them back to normal. did you know that you get treated like a princess when you’re pregnant? hee-hee. it’s hard to see how big my legs/ankles/feet are in the pics we took, but here’s one of me with chris at the moroccan pavilion. my legs look pretty big.

my feet and legs still aren’t back to normal. but that’s ok… i had so much fun out in Orlando. it was great being at Council. it was great seeing Pastor Dan again. it still weirds me out looking at my legs and body. i certainly didn’t look like this 9 months ago. hee-hee. i’m already 36 weeks pregnant! caleb joshua will be here soon.


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