Caleb’s Sleep

So, Caleb’s sleep has always been easily disrupted.  About a month ago, new neighbors moved in behind us with a dog who loves to bark.  I was praying that the dog would quickly learn to be quiet so he wouldn’t wake up my son anymore from his mid-day nap.  I noticed shortly after that there was no longer any barking.  Yay, prayer answered affirmatively!  🙂  So, Chris & I have been wanting to visit our new neighbors with a welcome gift.  We finally got around to going to their house this past Saturday.  We learned that they gave their dog to the animal shelter since he wasn’t adjusting to the smaller house and backyard.  Awh, now I feel bad.  But my son is back to taking longer daytime naps.

Caleb has been talking in his sleep sooo much lately.  In the middle of the night, he yells out these words and then goes back to sleep, usually.  I’ve just spent the last hour listening to him babble away in conversation with himself.  He’s practicing all these sounds, words, and phrases.  Kinda cute.  But not as much at 5:30AM.  This boy just can’t shut off his brain.  Sleep seems to always be the first thing affected when things change in Caleb’s life… good or bad things.  Oh well, another developmental phase.  Hopefully, we’ll have a big boy who can communicate better with us soon.  We love you so much, Caleb.

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