Sore Muscles

So, last night, I noticed my inner thighs were really sore. I’m thinking, gosh, it’s not like I’m lifting anything new all of a sudden. Was I doing something totally different with Caleb causing me to exercise a different set of muscles?

Then I remembered what happened earlier yesterday. I was walking around Toys R Us looking for bubbles (Caleb loves watching bubbles in the air). There was a small pool of water on the floor from a leaking A/C. Caleb’s in the Ergo baby carrier on my chest… so, of course, I don’t see the lovely pool of water on the ground. I step in it and go sliding across the floor from the aisle with Barbies to the aisle with Transformers. My motherly instincts must have kicked in because I came away with only bruises to my left knee and a small cut to the top of my left foot… oh… and sore “I can’t let myself fall with my baby” muscles. So, that’s why I’m sore. Caleb was unphased… I don’t think he even noticed me sliding across the floor as he stared in awe at all the colorful toys.

Gosh, those people at Toys R Us are really nice, especially when you nearly fall with your baby in their store.

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