My 1st Easter Egg Hunt

We took Caleb for his first Easter Egg hunt.  Caris came along too, but slept the whole time.  This girl likes to sleep. 



Caleb spent a lot of his “hunt” time walking around and…


… watching the other toddlers run around picking up eggs.

And yes, that’s a sand bucket that I’m holding ‘cuz Mommy didn’t have enough time to buy one of those cute Easter baskets, and she’s too cheap to ever consider spending $5 on one at the actual event. 


Chris and I noticed that events like this bring out this strange side in parents.  Now these parents might normally be easygoing, laidback people.  But when it’s time for their child to find eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt, they certainly aren’t laidback anymore.  Caleb was in the 1-2 year old hunt, and these parents were still yelling and carrying their kid as fast as they could to each egg.  These kids can walk.  I would watch Chris point out an egg to Caleb.  As Caleb’s walking over to get it, another parent carrying their kid runs over and shouts, “Get the egg, get the egg (or some form of this phrase).”  Some of these kids had like 20 eggs.  Caleb got 2.  That’s OK.  He got all those eggs on his own. 


Caleb had fun at the egg hunt, but truthfully, he most enjoyed the toddler play area.






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