You’re finally here after waiting 3 months

So Caleb recently turned 7 months. Right before 4 months, he got his first 2 teeth. We’ve seen no teeth activity since then until this past week or 2.

Tooth #3 has finally arrived… top left central incisor. It actually reared its pointy edge 2 nights ago, but poor Caleb’s gums have been so inflamed & swollen that I couldn’t feel the edge anymore for the last 2 days. Today, it’s made its obvious appearance. But wait! It’s not alone. Teeth #4, 5, and 6 are right there waiting for their turn. Caleb is getting his top 4 teeth all at once!!! Some infants get 1 tooth at time; some get 2 at a time. Our baby, though, has decided that cutting 2 teeth at a time is for wimps. He’s going to do 4 at a time. Way to go, Caleb. That’s how to take this whole teething business head on. 🙂


Caleb eating Cheerios

So we got our new camera the other day.  Now we can take higher quality photos.  And higher quality videos.  Of course it goes up on youtube, so the quality doesn’t need to be that great anyways.

Here’s Caleb eating Cheerios for the first time.  I can’t get enough of this.  I’ll post more pictures and videos when I have time.

Olive Oil

Not just for cooking… or the name of Popeye’s girl (“Oyl”).

So, we’ve been making homemade baby food. It’s pretty easy, and it’s so much cheaper than buying baby food jars. Caleb gets to try a larger variety of food, like avocado, asparagus, white sweet potato, turnips, rutabaga, spaghetti squash, etc. When’s the last time you saw rutabaga in a Gerber baby food jar? Exactly.

We made carrot puree for Caleb 2 days ago. It stained our food processor bowl bright orange. I read on a friend’s RSS feed that vinegar can clean toilets, hardwater stains, garage oil stains, etc. So, our food processor bowl has been sitting in vinegar for 2 days. It helped, but there was still obvious orange-staining on it. Let me tell you olive oil works wonders on carrot stains on plastic. My goodness. Simple wipe and voila… beautiful food processor bowl again. Who would have guessed?

Wail, wail

As I sit here writing this post, our munchkin is wailing his little heart out in Chris’ arms. Caleb decided about 2 weeks ago that he would not tolerate being put down for naps or bed by anybody but me. In the middle of the night, Chris has tried to get him back to sleep, but stubborn Caleb would wail an hour+ and then continue to wail in my arms until the only thing that we could find to soothe him would be to nurse him. Oh my. Now, Chris is trying to get him down for his second nap of the day (with his first nap ending in 25 minutes). In order to avoid listening to the persistent wailing, I went to take a shower… a really long one where I tried to clean all the soap scum off the tile and glass doors. After 40 minutes, he continues to wail in Chris’ arms with only nano-moments of gasping quietness. Why does this child not like to sleep at all?