Oh, Toodles!!!

Caleb, Caris, and Chloe have all been into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD we have in the car. Every time we get in the car, Chloe says, “vevo…  Mouse.”  In non-toddler speak, that’s “video… Mickey Mouse.”  But since they only watch it in the car, I’ve never actually seen it, but I do hear it.  There’s this one part where Mickey says something, and Caleb & Caris will say it loudly and in unison.  “Oh Toodles!!!”

Now, I don’t know who or what Toodles is.  Caleb & Caris will pretend play and carry this small purple mirror around, and call it “Toodles.”  I saw Caris this morning pretend washing “Toodles” with a sponge.  I always pictured Toodles to be some type of animal like a dog or something, but after watching them play, I wondered what it actually is.  I asked Caris what is Toodles.

Caris:  It has 2 circles and another circle.
Me: Oh, so it’s like Mickey Mouse ears.
Caleb & Caris: Yeah.

I’ll just Google it to see what it really looks like.  Is that what the Mickey Mouse ears are called?

No!  It’s not just Mickey Mouse ears.  It’s Mickey Mouse ears on LSD!

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