Happy Birthday

Happy 1 year birthday!

Caleb had his 1 year birthday party a week before his actual birthday.  His actual birthday was when we were at camp.  (By the way, who’s camera was used to take pictures at his birthday?  I have mostly video footage)

Caleb had a blast at his party.  Too much of a blast that he didn’t get much of a nap in afternoon (only 30 minutes).  Of course if that wasn’t enough, after his wild birthday party he goes another baby’s birthday party.  2 parties in one day.  Let’s just say that Caleb didn’t sleep too well that night either.  I believe he woke up 6 times?

My wife informed me that he woke up not 6 times, but 8 times.




Caleb got some great toys for his birthday.  He had so many new toys he didn’t know what to do with them all.  But his favorite toy (now) has to be his trucks.  He loves those trucks.




Of course sometimes he just likes plain ol’ boxes.


And sometimes he likes Tommy in the plain ol’ box.


His actual birthday was more laid back even though we were at camp.  He had a bunch of people play with him.  He got to play with his trucks around camp.  And then on the night of his birthday, he woke up once at 8:45pm.  He didn’t wake up again until 5:40am!  Almost 9 straight hours of sleep.  I must say I was amazed.  If he could do 9 hours every night, he would have some much more happier (and awake) parents.


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