The Fall of Man (or Caleb)

You may have already read the post below about fireworks and how they may disrupt Caleb’s sleep.  Well last night he had a poor night of sleep which prompted me to curse them dirty fireworks.

Around 2am Caleb awakes (or is already awake from Yvonne holding him.  I don’t remember).  I watch him cry and stand up in the monitor, so I head to him and pick him up.  Caleb immediately begins to cry harder and louder in my arms.  I put him back in the crib, he wants to get back in my arms.  I pick him up, he immediately wants to get out of my arms.  What am I to do?  So I just hold him.  And hold him.  And hold him for the next hour.  I’m finally able to get back to my bed at 3:15am, only to see him stir and wake up at 3:18am.

I am done at this point.  Yvonne is sick and just wants our baby to sleep.  So we wait.  3:30, Yvonne says, she’ll go in.  He’s standing in the corner of his crib crying his head off.  This goes on and on.  Yvonne decides to get a sippy cup of water before heading to the room.  After getting the cup, Yvonne is back in our room trying to do something as I’m trying to sleep.  We then hear this *boom* (much like these damn fireworks I hear now).

Uh-oh.  I think Caleb fell out of his crib.  The crying had died down for a few seconds.  As we were running over to his room, that loud cry comes again.  Yvonne enters the room and goes to retrieve him.  He immediately stops crying.  At this point I’m thinking maybe he didn’t fall out of his crib.  I mean if a baby falls out of his crib, he’s going to be hurt and crying, right? So I go back to my bed and return to my slumber.

Yvonne comes back to the room and informs me that he did fall out.  He was in a prone position next to the chair and not crying at all.  Yvonne was all worried, but he just settled down in mommy’s arms and went to sleep.  (Is this what needs to happen to get my son to sleep?  If so, he may have many sleepless nights.)

Caleb seems to be alright from the fall.  At least for today.  Now we have to put the crib sides all the way up.  Of course they make this loud clicking sound when you move them up, which doesn’t help our son sleep as well, but it’s for his safety.  It’s a long way down to reach him now.  Our backs are going to ache.

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