Please Sleep! Puh-lease!

Another night has gone by.  Another night where our baby boy didn’t want to sleep.  This boy is so teasing us.  Sunday night, he slept from 7:20pm to 4:25am.  Over 9 straight hours.  He quickly goes back to sleep and wakes up at 6:50am.  Easily the best night of sleep he’s ever had.

So what happens then next night?  Of course he doesn’t want to sleep.  Down at 7:30pm.  Up at 10:40pm.   Cry, cry, cry for the next hour until Yvonne comes to get him.  Suck, suck, suck for the next 30 minutes, and then it’s cry, cry, cry until past midnight.  At which point we’ve all but given up.  We don’t want to hold him anymore.  We don’t want to hear him cry anymore.  Let’s just see how he does sleeping between.

Well it’s more like lying between us for 15 minutes.  He’s happily lying there, making his cute baby sounds.  He curls up next to mommy, sticking his feet and butt at daddy.  He rolls around back and forth.  He slaps daddy in the face multiple times with his hands.  And it seems like he might be trying to go to sleep.  That is until he sees the lamp.  That darn lamp.

He tries walking over mommy’s head to get to the lamp, only to be hindered by mommy’s arm.  But Caleb is persistent and keeps going.  When his attempts are finally thwarted, he tries to climb over the pillow off the end of the bed.  The only thing keeping him around was mommy and daddy holding his feet and pulling him back.  After those attempts fail, Caleb decides maybe daddy is the weak link.  And he goes for my lamp.  After numerous attempts to slap away my arm and walk/crawl across me, I decide it’s time to go back to the crib.   It’s only 1am now.  We’ve all got to sleep some time.

I put him back in his crib and plays there for a while.  I’m trying to sleep on the floor, but it’s no use.  I leave and he starts his crying again.  Mommy decides to help him out.  She sleeps in the crib with him, and he finally goes out.  What time he sleeps, we don’t know.  But he’s up again at 5:45am this morning.  It’s much too long a day for us regardless.

This morning we had Yvonne’s OB appointment and first ultrasound for the new baby.  Caleb slept from 8:30 to past 11 this morning while we were gone.  He needs the sleep.  But so do mommy and daddy.

Hopefully this next baby will sleep better.  She better!  Mommy and daddy need it.

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